Your documents, publications, and web content need to be clear and creative. They need to instruct and persuade. You can dramatically improve your online and print communications with the help of an experienced and detail-oriented editor and writer, particularly one with deep expertise in design and today’s best technology practices. That’s who you’ll find here!

Using expert skills and a well-informed perspective based on more than 20 years of communications industry experience, Douglas Cramer Creative serves individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

I design and craft articles; advocacy, educational, and instructional materials; technical documents; marketing collateral; email campaigns; press releases; speeches; presentations; websites; social media platforms; and more.

High-quality online and print publications begin with either improving and re-tooling existing content or with the creation of new material. As a writer, editor, designer, and project manager, I can help clarify your editorial needs, recommend creative options, and build on what is already working well.

Send me an email — and request a free introductory meeting — and we can start identifying the solutions that best meet your needs. Responsive and efficient remote collaboration is a specialty. I look forward to serving you!

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Douglas Cramer
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Latest Posts

Timeless or Time Sensitive?

There is an important connection between two key writing questions: “Who is the target audience?” and “Should the writing acknowledge the present moment?” This came to mind while I was working on the short piece below, a sample exercise for a particular writing style. In addressing the topic of international vacations, my first inclination was to write about the impact of COVID-19 on American travel. Yet the bounds of the exercise forbid that approach, and I realized with fresh appreciation that mindful writing can be relevant for a current moment without being time sensitive. In this case, by tackling a perennial or timeless question like “How can I prepare for going abroad?” during a time when most people can only prepare and not actually travel.… Read More

When You Text, Think Like a Poet

I discovered this fascinating New Zealand newspaper article — Using full stops in messages makes you sound ‘angry’, according to linguists — via the excellent online group Editors’ Association of the Earth. It argues that “If you’re the type of person that needs every message to be perfectly grammatically correct, it turns out you might not be putting forward the vibe you think you are. According to linguists, the use of punctuation – specifically full stops – is intimidating to a lot of young people, because it comes off as a sign of ‘anger’ in social media messages.”… Read More

The Importance of Learning New Skills

I don’t expect to ever become a master craftsman. Yet it’s been incredibly satisfying, deep in the bones of my soul, to finally begin making time for a long-deferred interest. It’s important for me to adopt a beginner’s mind again, as it keeps my creativity supple. And it reminds me that nothing is ever forgotten, that the best parts of ourselves are timeless and waiting. They’re dry tinder ready to take a spark.… Read More