Your website, online content, publications, and print materials need to be clear and creative. They need to work for you to instruct and persuade. They need to be excellent.
You can dramatically improve your online and print communications with the help of a friendly, experienced, and detail-oriented editor and wordsmith with expertise in design and 2020 technology. That’s who you’ll find here.

Using expert skills and a well-informed perspective based on 15 years of freelance experience, Douglas Cramer Creative serves individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

I create articles, reports, online content, marketing materials, technical documents, instructional material, presentations, press releases, photo galleries, websites, social media platforms, promotional campaigns, and more.

High-quality print publications and online content can come from new concepts, or from re-tooling existing content. As an editor, writer, designer, and project manager, I achieve results by clarifying your critical needs, recommending new possibilities, and building on what is already working well.

Schedule a free twenty minute introductory call to help identify your requirements and drive solutions and timelines. Responsive and efficient remote collaboration is a specialty.

Douglas Cramer
Editorial Freelancers Association Member

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The Importance of Learning New Skills

I don’t expect to ever become a master craftsman. Yet it’s been incredibly satisfying, deep in the bones of my soul, to finally begin making time for a long-deferred interest. It’s important for me to adopt a beginner’s mind again, as it keeps my creativity supple. And it reminds me that nothing is ever forgotten, that the best parts of ourselves are timeless and waiting. They’re dry tinder ready to take a spark.… Read More