Your documents, media, and publications should work for you to instruct, inspire, and persuade. Enliven your communications with the help of a friendly, sharp, and detail-oriented wordsmith, and gain the confidence that comes with clarity and creativity.

I create effective solutions for individuals, businesses, and non-profits through expert skills and a well-informed perspective gained over my fifteen years of freelance experience.

Handcrafted articles, reports, online copy, marketing materials, technical documents, presentations, press releases, photo galleries, websites, social media platforms, promotional campaigns, and more are available.

High-quality publications can come from new concepts, or from transforming content that needs improving. As an editor, writer, designer, and project manager, I achieve results by clarifying your critical needs, recommending new possibilities, and building on what is already working well.

A free twenty minute introductory call can help identify your requirements and drive solutions and timelines. Responsive and efficient remote consulting is a specialty.

Douglas Cramer