My experience as an editor includes work across several editorial disciplines. This allows me to offer a range of services, depending on the needs of the individual or organization.

I have served as a senior editor leading teams and projects, focused on integrating design and editing while helping authors develop their voices and hone their writing. I have served as a magazine editor, and as a lead editor for educational curriculum. I have worked extensively in academic editing, including academic research in support of publication and in substantive editing of academic papers.

I excel in copyediting; line editing; mechanical editing (with a focus on the MLA Handbook, APA Style, and the Chicago Manual of Style); and developmental editing. A useful breakdown of the distinctions between different editing disciplines can be found in this article from Archway Publishing, titled The Different Types of Editing.

Included here are examples of how close editing looks when performed using leading tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. While most editing work is confidential, additional editing samples are available on request.