Promoting high-quality products requires stylish, luxurious writing that evokes a sense of carefree elegance married to an appreciation for the rich tradition of craftsmanship that fuels their creation. The article highlighted here, Patterns of the East: Acquiring a Fine Oriental Rug Can Be a Difficult Task without the Expert Information Provided by New Jersey’s Most Reputable and Knowledgeable Merchants, was published in New Jersey Goodlife, a regional luxury lifestyle magazine. It’s an example of how to promote high-end products as an essential part of the story of well-lived lives.

Fine oriental rugs, from the plush and elegant Persians to the beautifully rustic kilims, combine the most worthy aspects of sculpture, painting, and craft. They are textured and tangible, thrilling the touch of a bare hand or foot with their softness of weave and material; and they are patterned and dyed, thrilling the eye with flowing sensations of geometry and color.

Douglas Cramer, Patterns of the East