I am grateful for the feedback I’ve received over the course of my career, and even more so for the people I’ve worked with and the teams I’ve helped. Following is a selection of testimonials that I am proud to have earned.

Your work is always perfect and your positive, “can-do” attitude is an inspiration to all. Thank you very much for your contributions to the Library Celebration event. I’m so glad you were there!

Chrissie Snow: Event Coordinator, Colorado State University Alumni Association

As a supervisor, Doug was always a clear communicator, responsive and helpful. He was an eager teacher, a creative problem solver and was always willing to consider alternate perspectives and new ideas. He would happily give attention to any detail necessary, but he did not hesitate to delegate responsibility as appropriate. His oversight of our team and grasp of scheduling, administration and stakeholder communication enabled us to focus on efficient and high-quality work without distractions. I would gladly collaborate with Doug again in the future and I strongly recommend him for communication, editorial and web administration projects.

Andrew Frishman: Editor, Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

The Parish Council Guidebook, along with the Fifty-Two Week Member Giving Campaign, are available for parishes to access on the Archdiocese website. The Department of Stewardship wishes to express its sincerest thanks to the Department of Internet Ministry, and its chair, Douglas Cramer, for their excellent and expert help in making these resources available to parishes as part of the Archdiocese website. May God continue to guide and bless their good work.

Ron Nicola: Chair, Department of Stewardship, Antiochian Archdiocese of North America – General Assembly Speech

This letter will commend to your attention the strong qualifications, excellent interpersonal skills and professional work habits of Douglas Cramer. Doug worked as a Product Development Manager in the Marketing and Sales Department for the Channing Bete Company. He is a very quick study who was able to learn the job and start making valuable contributions right out of the gate. He is dedicated, organized, writes extremely well and has a very nice way of dealing with people. Doug made a very positive impression on everyone he came in contact with as a skilled and seasoned individual who was committed to his job.

Daniel Carmody: Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Sales, Channing Bete Company

Doug has been a very valuable member of the team over the past year. I have been able to depend on him to follow through on things without having to ask him more than once. When things became very hectic, Doug made a point of meeting with me to determine what had to be given priority, and then worked to make sure that those items were addressed first. The other members of the team rely on Doug for information and assistance. Doug’s excellent attention to detail, self-directed nature, and ability to organize led me to speak with him about a new position.

Mimi Edwards: Director of Desktop Services, Hanover Insurance

Doug has grown to be a strong and effective outdoors person. He works very well in a group and really watches out for others. Doug has been an asset to the group – a well-liked and strong expedition member.

Dan Taslitz: Proctor, National Outdoor Leadership School