When You Text, Think Like a Poet

I discovered this fascinating New Zealand newspaper article — Using full stops in messages makes you sound ‘angry’, according to linguists — via the excellent online group Editors’ Association of the Earth. It argues that “If you’re the type of person that needs every message to be perfectly grammatically correct, it turns out you might not be putting forward the vibe you think you are. According to linguists, the use of punctuation – specifically full stops – is intimidating to a lot of young people, because it comes off as a sign of ‘anger’ in social media messages.”… Read More

“They Were Gonna Eat Her”

Jindos are an incredibly resilient breed that can overcome traumatic circumstances and transform into beautiful, loving, peaceful family dogs. I’ve had the pleasure of living with a lot of breeds of dogs over the years, from Pit Bulls to Pyrenees, Chihuahuas to Border Collies, Airedales to Great Danes. And let me tell you, Jindos have style.… Read More