“They Were Gonna Eat Her”

Roxi at Lake Crescent.

Our dog was born on a Korean dog meat farm. It’s an unexpectedly handy conversation-starter, particularly since Roxi has grown into such an intelligent and gentle family companion: “They were gonna eat her!”

I’d never expected to live with a dog that had crossed the Pacific in her first six months thanks to an amazing rescue organization, Saving Great Animals of Seattle. They work with groups getting Jindos and other dogs off of meat farms. Over 2 million dogs a year die in South Korea because of the meat trade, and rescue efforts are hampered by the stigma associated with meat farm dogs, so they have a low chance of being adopted in South Korea.

I’ve got a lot more to learn about this topic before writing more, so let me today just emphasize that, at least in our case, Jindos are an incredibly resilient breed that can overcome traumatic circumstances and transform into beautiful, loving, peaceful family dogs. I’ve had the pleasure of living with a lot of breeds of dogs over the years, from Pit Bulls to Pyrenees, Chihuahuas to Border Collies, Airedales to Great Danes. And let me tell you, Jindos have style.

Roxi is quite the homebody these days. She seems quite grateful for her life, and seems to understand how precious a thing it is to lay on a bed all day, instead of being raised as food. She’s got stories she could tell. You can see it in her eyes.