The links below are for samples of my work in PDF format. These files are not for redistribution. My general portfolio can be found here.

Content Marketing Writing Sample 1 | Topics: furniture, design, online shopping

Content Marketing Writing Sample 2 | Topics: moving, premium online services

Content Marketing Writing Sample 3 | Topics: food, restaurants, travel

Content Marketing Writing Sample 4 | Topics: travel, vacation planning

Technology Blog Content Writing Sample 1 | Topics: desktop computing, software product promotion, how-to advice

Technology Blog Content Writing Sample 2 | Topics: productivity, software product promotion, how-to advice

Organizational Interview Writing Sample | Topics: leadership communications, development, fundraising

Organizational Long Form Writing Sample 1 | Topics: international relations, faith-based organizations, non-profit reporting

Product Development Writing Sample 1 | Topics: print publishing, public health and human services, state government

Internal Technical Communications Writing Sample | Topics: content management systems, stakeholder presentations

Marketing Technology Writing Sample | Topics: analytics, email marketing campaigns

Technology Product Review Writing Sample | Topics: internet technology, content management systems

Line Editing and Proofreading Sample | Topics: information technology academic research, educational application