Schedule a free twenty minute introductory call to help identify your requirements and drive proposed solutions and project timelines. Responsive and efficient remote collaboration is a specialty. Most projects require a combination of services and skills. Effective and efficient remote consulting is a specialty. Hourly consulting for specialized demands can be arranged. See the Pricing page for details on how project costs are handled, or contact me and receive a prompt reply to any questions you have. A comprehensive project might include:

  • Strategic planning results in priorities for online and print communications.
  • Project management processes track approvals, milestones, progress, and resources.
  • Content is developed through skilled writing, editing, and graphic design.
  • Design and crafting of websites, e-commerce stores, social media platforms, and print material flows from a strategy focused on client goals and identified creative guidelines and styles.
  • Ongoing promotion and outreach is built from new content, copy, and graphics.

Throughout the process, I’ll break down the design and technical choices for you, define terms as needed, and work with you so that you are comfortable with what we are building. You won’t have to fight through jargon in order to see solutions created and projects completed. And, you can continue to work with me to ensure that your communications platforms remain secure, active, and well-maintained.


Short and long form writing from a published author with dozens of credited articles for print and online publications and extensive marketing experience. Learn more.


Editor with over fifteen years of experience. Proofreading, copy editing, and reworking of existing writing to sharpen language and bring forward a cohesive message. Learn more.


Preparation of content for online publication. Writing, editing, graphic design, formatting, and building technical functionality. Learn more.


Design of print materials. Management of production process, including printer selection, as needed. Learn more.


Design, construction, and launch of new websites and e-commerce stores. Repair, rescue, triage, upgrade, and upkeep of existing sites and stores. Learn more.


Design and management for social media platforms. Development of profiles and content that drive audience growth and community engagement. Learn more.


Focused and documented research, exploration, brainstorming, and analysis. Conducted with clients according to fixed timelines in order to clarify and define critical communications needs. Learn more.


Dedicated and detail-oriented management of each step required by a project, through implementation of successful best practices honed over years of experience. Learn more.