General Service Rates

For editorial and writing services, pricing can be calculated via either a per word or an hourly rate depending on the needs of the client. Service rates are competitive, and for a general source of current industry rates for editorial and writing services I recommend the Editorial Freelancer Association’s Guide to Common Editorial Rates.

Project Pricing

Pricing is typically on a project basis. Before work begins, it is important that both parties agree to the scope of the work that will be done and how payment will be structured. Often a project begins with a complimentary 20 minute meeting.

After agreement about the nature and scale of the work needed, a project scope document is prepared for the client that describes the steps involved, planned deadlines, and any other critical information. Project pricing will be determined at this point, and broken out by general category.

Project costs are calculated according to the expected number of hours involved multiplied by an hourly rate. For most projects, an initial payment of 50% is required before work can begin, with the balance due at the completion of the project.

Sometimes a project is more dynamic, and after work has begun a client decides to add more features. When a project concludes and has included additional work beyond the original scope, the total project cost will be revised and an updated final invoice will be created.

For longer projects requiring several months, as well as for ongoing consulting needs, pricing and payment structuring can be adapted to the needs of the individual client.