5 Email Marketing Statistics You Should Be Tracking Immediately

Along with the many tools available for email marketing, you potentially have access to so many statistics that it can be challenging to decide which you should be tracking. The key statistics you should track are the ones that tell you how your email is performing at each of the fundamental steps in your email marketing campaign. Your campaign starts when you click Send on your email, and it ends as each of your readers takes the action you want them to take, or don’t.… Read More

“They Were Gonna Eat Her”

Jindos are an incredibly resilient breed that can overcome traumatic circumstances and transform into beautiful, loving, peaceful family dogs. I’ve had the pleasure of living with a lot of breeds of dogs over the years, from Pit Bulls to Pyrenees, Chihuahuas to Border Collies, Airedales to Great Danes. And let me tell you, Jindos have style.… Read More

Joining Community

I find ongoing inspiration, and a childlike hope, in the daily beats and thrums of vibrant creative communities in particular. These come in all sizes, and while some focus on crafts and creative arts, others focus on a shared creation of a way of life or even the creativity of the well-lived spiritual path. In Washington, two communities have strongly impacted my life: the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (the BARN), and The Mountaineers.… Read More

International Delegation Service in Lebanon

This opportunity allowed me exposure to a vast range of challenges and learning experiences, from performing at my peak after 30 hours of travel, to overcoming cultural and language barriers, to discovering how to fruitfully contribute to a diverse team working in an even more diverse setting as we spent time in Beirut, Byblos, Balamand, and the mountains near the Syrian border.… Read More

Ode to T.J.

“Why,” answers Mr. Alan Rickman, “the plan simply will not succeed without a dog.”
“Oh,” says Ziggy Stardust. “I know just the one then.”… Read More